Lee Roloff, Ph.D. (1927 – 2015)

One of our senior analysts with the CG Jung Institute of Seattle, Lee Roloff, passed away on October 5. He was 88 years old and was known throughout the world for his work in academia as well as in the Jungian world. His influence was felt worldwide, and he is known in south Africa, Zürich, and throughout the United States and Canada. If you go into the CGJIS.com website and look under “our analysts,” you will see a link to the Chicago Institute and to Lee’s life and amazing work.

We here in Seattle are deeply saddened by this great loss and our thoughts go to all those who were touched by his great life.

Suzan Wilson
C. G. Jung Institute of Seattle

Lee Roloff A Tribute >>> Remembering-Lee-Roloff

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Lee Roloff was my inspired and inspiring high school English teacher in Glendale, CA, where he taught for several years.  Imagine our astonishment to meet up again decades later, both as Jungian analysts.

Pamela Power
Jung Institute of Los Angeles

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Dear Suzan and All,
I am indeed deeply indebted to Lee whom I first met through his brave and courageous scholarly and deeply imaginative work in Chicago where I used to attend regularly for wondrous  educational and clinical conferences.

Personally I am more than grateful for his deep reception of my work – indeed he wrote the forward to my second book that still surprises me. A deep thread appeared with connections to India without either of us having directly discussed it.

I am so grateful to have experienced Lee’s deep and loving engagement with psyche. I  shall miss him very much. He was a wealth of real psychological insight and loving personal depths.

Evangeline Rand

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Lee was also kind and humanistic.

David Rosen

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  1. I miss my Ph.D. mentor, but at 77 I am still an active professor teaching with inspiration passed on to me by Lee Roloff. I think often of the many journeys Lee lead us on in the late 60s and early 70s. It was a time of happenings and we “happened” in a lot of strange places. Such creations still dominate my professional directing when envisioning new drama worlds. I should have finished in 1972 at least, but I really didn’t want to leave NU or the intellectual stimulation of Lee, NU, or the theatre scene in Chicago. Finally graduated in 1978 and by then was a tenured professor myself. Oh the fun stories some of us still share about our brilliant crazed mentor … so human, so spontaneous, so out of box, so accepting. Thank you Lee Roloff, I am ready to live those years of discovery again and again — and thanks to you I still do in so many ways.

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