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While conducting doctoral research in social science on late motherhood, two analytical engagements with the feminine came to my attention as evidence of a patriarchal bias toward the realm of womanhood. Whether her name was anima, the unconscious or mother, the views of the analytical fathers appeared to be perpetuating a social problem continuing in current times. Across affective fields and narratives on late procreative desire, buried in the Word Association Experiment and held in dream journals, was the memory of a male sibling who had enjoyed primacy of place in the parental home over the daughter. Taking a cue from alsched’s psycho-spiritual approach to the ways in which development, in particular feminine development is interrupted, my talk tracks one particular research Participant’s ambivalent relationship to becoming a mother, the lengths she went to, including changing her sexual identity, to create what she had missed from early life: a family.

Biography: Maryann Barone-Chapman is a Professional Member of AJA in private practice in London, completing her research on personal, cultural and collective complexes of the unconscious on delayed motherhood in the School of Social Sciences at Cardiff University. Maryann has previously run mind-body workshops with fertility challenged women at the Bridge Center London, and taught at IZAP in Zurich on the Word Association Experiment and Jung’s Complex Theory as methodology in Psychosocial Research. Her interest in female development and procreative identity has been realized in various publications, ‘The Hunger To Fill An Empty Space’ (Journal of Analytical Psychology, 2007), and in edited collections ‘Sulphur Rises Through the Blackened Body’ (Routledge, 2014), and ‘Gender Legacies of Jung & Freud as Epistemology in Emergent Feminist Research on Late Motherhood’ (Behavioral Science, 2014). Her paper, ‘Trickster, Trauma and Transformation’ from the IAJS Conference on Rebirth and Renewal at Arizona State University Phoenix, is anticipated through Routledge. 

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