New Book by Elizabeth Brodersen Laws of Inheritance A post-Jungian study of twins and the relationship between the first and other(s)

Imbued in interdisciplinary cross-cultural perspectives of mythical, socio-economic, literary, pedagogic and psychoanalytic representations, two archetypal, creative inheritance laws interact as ‘twins’: Eros(fusion/containment/safety) and Thanatos(division/separation/risk).

Hypothesising these ‘twin’ laws as matrilineal (Eros) and patrilineal (Thanatos), this book explores why cross-cultural forms, including gender traits, are not fixed but are instead influenced by earlier flexible matrilineal forms. Brodersen argues that a psychological ‘twin’ dilemma is implicit in inheritance laws and offers a unique forum to show how each law competes for primacy as the ‘first’ and ‘other’.

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