Alchimia Junghiana by Diego Pignatelli

Capturing C. G. Jung’s alchemical nuances and poetic flavour this new book and essays by Diego Pignatelli aims to extend and rededicate Jung’s vision of the Mysterium Coniunctionis (1955-56) and other alchemical studies throughout an archetypal eye and poetry and at the same time closely pertaining to a rich array of Latin and arcanum privileged within the last and the latest C. G. Jung’s Collected Works namely his own alchemical work. The result is a kaleidoscopic treasure-chest grasping Romanticism and romance language and certain Weltanschauung within the magnum opus as well as the soul-work of the founder and father of Analytical Psychology.

It might interest some of you that in my new book: “Alchimia Junghiana” I go further into elaborations of C. G. Jung’s Weltanschauung extending some alchemical topics (alchemy, countersexuality, and endogenous libido, homoousia, filius and auctor rerum) and thematic clues (synchronicity, tertium comparationis, Holy Ghost, Paraclitus, Cross (through Klenian perspective and the (1942/48) Essay on psychological interpretation of the dogma of the Trinity”revisited”) because Swiss psychologist never finished.

Refinement and language is quite the same to those of latest C. G. Jung’s CW on certain alikeness but with even more poetry including style alike to Swiss psychiatrist along with vocabulary, arcanum and Latin.

For one might be interested please see: Alchimia Junghiana: Riflessioni teoriche di psicoanalisi junghiana e psicologia del profondo: Attraversando l’Opus alchemico di C. G. Jung.,Persiani 2015.

Hope you can get a copy in the holidays,

Diego Pignatelli

Author, writer, IAJS member