Date! 21st October to the 23rd October 2016 – The Art of Mentalizing Conference

“This is a truly important event that brings together for the first time two groups working to extend the frontiers of mentalizing in the US and the UK. The conference will undoubtedly present many remarkable insights and experiences for participants that I have no doubt will further not just clinical practice but also encourage research enquiry into the therapeutic use of creative arts in mental health”

Professor Peter Fonagy

Head of Department, Research Department of Clinical, Educational. Health Psychology and the Freud Memorial Professor of Psychoanalysis, University College, London.  Senior Investigator, British National Institute for Health Research. Visiting Clinical Professor, Harvard University; Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Yale University, School of Medicine

Date! 21st October to the 23rd October 2016 - The Art of Mentalizing Conference

In the UK and similarly in the US, methods of using arts to treat mental health conditions are known to be in demand by patients across a wide number of health care settings. The effectiveness is emerging from a range of different investigations; including randomized controlled trials, neuroscience, sequential analysis studies and clinical pilots. This conference will give a voice to the recent developments that illustrate strong synergies between arts based, mentalization focused approaches.

This conference will introduce you to methods of promoting mentalizing that links with clinical outcomes, but more than this, it will engage you as a participant, researcher and clinician to learn about, question and develop the evidence based methods further.

Be prepared to immerse yourself in the arts process, to see live arts based interventions, to hear about cutting edge research from the UK and US and put ideas about mentalizing to the test. This is evidence-based practice in progress.

Join us to celebrate at the arts in health care conference 2016, a conference for us to explore why what we do works.

Dominik Havsteen-Franklin & Linda Siegel 

CNWL NHS Foundation Trust (UK) and the Pratt Institute (USA)

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