Second International Seminar on Fairy-tale and Storytelling Therapy

We wish to inform that from 8 till 12 March 2016 the charming city of Sintra, Portugal will host the second International Seminar on Fairy-tale and Storytelling Therapy. It will be another opportunity to bring together specialists, academics, therapists, storytellers and other enthusiasts of fairy-tales and storytelling, and their therapeutic and healing potential.

The Seminar aims to delve deeper into this method by sharing experiences, new perspectives, approaches and results.

We are also most happy to announce the following speakers&workshops confirmed for our conference:

Rosie Strain, Arts Psychotherapist & Storyteller, UK

Boaz and Vered Zur, Expressive Arts Ireland

Susan McCullough, School Counselor& Storyteller, Germany

Olga Lipadatova, Psychotherapist, Canada

Michał Malinowski, Museum of Tales and Stories, Poland

Shai Karta Schwartz, Baobab Center for Young Survivors in Exile in London, teacher, Israel

Beatrice Bowles, Master in Fine Arts, Storyteller, USA

Jill McWilliam and Gill Morton, Educational Psychotherapists, London, UK

Jacqueline Silva,  LudoClínica, Registered with Play Therapy International, Portugal

Laura Simms, Storyteller, Writer, USA

Monica Carpendale, Kutenai Art Therapy Institute, Canada

John L. Plews, PhD, Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, Canada

We will have 11 fantastic presentations/workshops and Storytelling moments.

It would be really great if you joined us and discovered Sintra in the early Springtime.

More info:

Best regards,

Adriana Jurczyk Duarte

Moonluza, Unipessoal Lda.

Sintra Seminar 2016 – Programme

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