Reality Dreams: Diary of a Poet as Ghost (Kindle Edition) by Joel Weishaus (Narrator)

AmazonReality Dreams is a daybook and a night-journey made by a poet who is there but not seen: a ghost who haunts the Literary World.

Beginning with a summer in Provincetown, MA, the book circulates between a boyhood in Brooklyn and the Catskill Mountains; then Los Angeles, San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury District during the 1960s, Berkeley; and Bolinas CA of the early 1970s, when that small town was home to many well-known poets.
However, we are always returned to his daily life where this book was originally written, and where he was an adjunct art museum curator, and a Writer-in-Residence, at The University of New Mexico.
Inclusive are poems, an insightful philosophy, and dreams, along with extensive notes, bibliography, and a list of the notable persons who passed through his life.

Joel Weishaus has published over 50 reviews, essays and critiques of books and Visual Art. His Collected Poems, Feels Like Home Again, was published in 2014. You can access his Digital Archive at: