The Jung—Neumann Connection: Interview with Dr. Lance Owens

“Erich Neumann has become one of those ‘dead friends of the soul’ that come to help and haunt us, with their questions, and their answers, and the facts of their own lives….” so suggested Dr. Lance Owens to me in a recent interview about his interest in Neumann, a man who turned out to be a colleague, friend and perhaps closest confident of C.G. Jung.

Check out my blogpost and interview with Lance Owens to learn more the life and work of the brilliant Erich Neumann:

Dr. Owens is speaking at “Creative Minds in Dialogue: The Relationship between C. G. Jung and Erich Neumann,” a symposium in Santa Barbara, CA, June 24-26, 2016, alongside Murray Stein, Erel Shalit, Nancy Furlotti, and several other internationally acclaimed speakers.