New Book: The Quest for Gold by Andrew Fekete

• Published to coincide with a major exhibition at the Victoria Gallery.

• An extraordinary and compelling collection of work by a visionary artist

• Set against a backcloth of the  gay scene in London in the 1980s as it faced the Aids epidemic.

Quest for Gold is an edited version of writings by visionary Andrew Fekete – a painter, architect, poet and writer, who died in 1986 from an Aids-related illness. Andrew, ° âneur, walked the city; he was a man whose writings, to adapt the words of Baude-laire, serve as a mirror as vast as the crowd itself. ˜ is anthology, collated by his brother Peter, comprises key works from Andrew Fekete’s opus, and deals with his development as an artist, his visions and his experiment in Jungian alchemy – the intentional creation of visionary experiences to manifest unconscious arche-types to consciousness.

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Download the PDF flyer here >>> questforgold