COSMOGRAPHY Re-Minding Our Place in the Universe by Joel Weishaus

“The old division of the Earth and the Cosmos into objective processes in space and time and mind in which they are mirrored is no longer a suitable starting point for understanding the universe, science, or ourselves.”(1)

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Literary Digital Art endeavors to inscribe an integrity literature has sustained over thousands of years into a medium, “too narrowly focused on the specific workings of novel technologies rather than a sincere exploration of cultural shifts in which that technology plays only a small role.”(3)
Paraphrazing Thomas Kuhn, psychologist Ronald Schenk adds that “changes in paradigms occur not through the efforts of those seeking new paradigms, but from those seeking to expand the old.”

As Literary Digital Art, Cosmography invokes as archetypes seven planets in our celestial neighborhood; plus The Sun, The Moon, and Incognita, “a narrative revelation of hidden things.”(5) Cosmography includes invaginations, fragments exhumed from the authored corpus and transplanted into the living body of a text, which along with superimposed images and animations advances us into a more universal, transdisciplinary sphere.

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From our home planet we observe the universe and decode the data our robotic surrogates beam back to us. Thus Earth spins in the center of this project; specifically, the land on which I presently live. The other solar bodies are not where we expect them to be, nor is their relative size relevant. Literary Digital Art is an emergent, unpredictable performance.