Earth, Climate, Dreams: Depth Psychological Reflections in the Age of the Anthropocene–Online Symposium

If you long to engage with others who are passionate about what’s happening to our planet, and to immerse yourself in a depth perspective, please join the 6-week symposium and fundraiser for Depth Psychology Alliance, featuring:

—12 expert interviews with depth psychologists, psychotherapists, scientist, anthropologists and educators, plus
—written transcripts and
—6 weekly online video discussion groups

Sliding scale from $179 to $29 for approximately 18 hours of content, additional articles from the presenters, and much more:

Presenters include:

Steve Aizenstat
Jerome Bernstein
Michael Conforti
Susan Rowland
Jeffrey Kiehl
Robert Romanyshyn
Veronica Goodchild
Susannah Benson
Erel Shalit
Sally Gillespie
Jonathan Marshall
Nancy Swift Furlotti

Please join guest hosts Toko-pa Turner and Mark Sipowicz with Symposium Creator, Bonnie Bright, and others starting January 19 to support Depth Psychology Alliance while engaging the world with soul: