Jungian International Training Zurich (Formally, The Foundation for International Jungian Psychoanalytic Training in Zurich)

Civilization in Transition 6, Clearing the Fog that Obscures: Toward a New Religious Understanding

Please join us at Civilization in Transition 6, Clearing the Fog that Obscures: Toward a New Religious Understanding, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, 26 -29 October 2017.  The conference is open to the public as well as analysts and clinicians.  Details are available at jitzurich.org, under “special events.”
Presenters include Jungian analyst/author/scholar Craig E. Stephenson; Jeffrey Kripal, Rice University’s J. Newton Razor Chair in Philosophy and Religious Studies; actress Leslie Harrell Dillen as Mabel Dodge Luhan.
Co-sponored by the Jungian International Training in Zurich Foundation and the Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts.

To that end, this year’s conference will help us sort out what “new religion” means, with reminders of old practices and a calling out of zealotry. Zealotry is often a mark of secret uncertainty, part of the old religious order. The new order may be one of less certainty and more openness to questioning.

Download the Brochure with all Information and Registration Form for the Conference Civilization in Transition 6 here
We’ll be having our Friday, October 27th, 2017 Fireside Chat/Roundtable 7:30PM – 9:30PM in IHM Retreat Center, 50 Mount Carmel Road, Santa Fe, New Mexico SunmountRoom of the Santa Maria Building $15/Person

Download the flyer “A Fireside Chat/Roundtable” here

CEs through the American Psychological Association are available.

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Murray Stein