New Book" Time and the Psyche: Jungian Perspectives Edited by Angeliki Yiassemides

New Book” Time and the Psyche: Jungian Perspectives Edited by Angeliki Yiassemides

Dear all,

It is with great joy that I would like to inform you of the publication of Time and the Psyche: Jungian Perspectives (Routledge 2017, London, New York).

It is an edited volume with contributions by eight Jungian scholars/analysts that explore the psyche from different perspectives.

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Here’s the table of contents for your information:

Editor’s Forward by Angeliki Yiassemides

PART A: Time and the Psyche: Clinical Practice and Theoretical Considerations

Chapter 1: Broken Time: Disturbances of Temporality in Analysis, by Angela Connolly

Chapter 2: Synchronicity in Clinical Practice, by Caterina Vezzoli

Chapter 3Temporality and the Torments of Time, by Ladson Hinton

Chapter 4: Living Kairos: the Time Factor in Waking Dreams, by Laner Cassar

Chapter 5: ‘The Thin Curtain of Non-Space and Non-Time’: Synchronicity and Prospective Dreams, Theory and Clinical Applications, by Angeliki Yiassemides

PART B: Expressions of Time in the Psyche

Chapter 6: Screen Time: Movies, Mind and the Experience of Time, by Christopher Hauke

Chapter 7: Just a Moment? Or, The Archaic as an Expression of the Eternal in Time, by Paul Bishop

Chapter 8: Motion, Measurement, and Mechanisation: the Sacred-Secular in Temporal relics, Objects and Possessions, By J.A. Swan

Thank you for your attention

Angeliki Yiassemides, PhD