The Santa Fe Boys Educational Foundation

Through The Santa Fe Boys Educational Foundation I am planning a publication and conference on the early in life origins of violent behavior in males.

My plan is that these efforts will be interdisciplinary, drawing on neuro-biologists, criminologists, experimental and empirical psychologists, primatologists, evolutionary psychologists, economists etc., who are aware of the early vulnerabilities of boys in the first 1,000 days of life, starting at conception, and how early genetic and environmental factors may translate to violence in adolescence and adulthood. This is part of the foundation’s effort to stimulate more awareness of the uniqueness of male biology, psychology, and sociology.

I am writing to find out if anyone knows of Jungians, psychoanalysts, or other depth psychologists who have written specifically about this subject. Suggestions do not have to be limited to North America and are much appreciated.

While I am at it, I would like to call attention to our previous conference initiative in November 2015: The Psychology of Boys at Risk—Indicators from 0-5. Many of the papers presented there were printed in a recent Infant Mental Health Journal special issue on the Boys at Risk—Indicators from Birth to Five. The table of contents is attached, for your possible interest.


Paul Golding

Paul Golding BC final

2017, IMHJ, ToC