The Dominion Psyche, the Reciprocity Psyche and Borderland Consciousness: The Compensatory Thrust of the Collective Unconscious to Heal the Western Psyche’s Suicidal Split from Wholeness

Borderland Consciousness and the Global Warming Crisis- Interview with Jungian Analyst Jerome Bernstein

Jerome Bernstein’s extensive work with the Navajo and Hopi people has deeply informed his clinical understanding of the Western psyche’s suicidal dissociation from Nature.

In this interview with Bonnie Bright, Mr. Bernstein discusses how this dissociation has led to Global Warming, and he explains how an emerging compensatory “Borderland consciousness” acts as the meeting point between the Dominion psyche of the West and the Reciprocity psyche of Native peoples.   To view the video go here:  Then, click “Enroll for Free” and sign up.

This interview originally appeared as part of the online symposium, “Earth, Climate, Dreams: Depth Psychological Reflections in the age of the Anthropocene”, which was produced by Depth Psychology Alliance in early 2017. The symposium features 12 depth dialogues with Jungian analysts, psychologists, scholars, educators, and scientists in conversation with Bonnie Bright. Presenter details and bios are available at, and the full series of video or audio interviews with written transcripts can be purchased to support Depth Psychology Alliance at