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Interested in getting Published? Research Monographs in Analytical Psychology and Jungian Studies.

Get Published!

Here is the latest version of the Routledge flyer for the Research Monographs in Analytical Psychology and Jungian Studies. Though anyone is welcome to submit a proposal, the series is well situated for those who have completed a PhD thesis. If you are coming to the end, it is also worth considering.

I hope supervisors will be able to pass this flyer on as there is, clearly, no other way for us to spread the word amongst the PhD communities.

If you have a very specific and highly scholarly project, this series is also for you.

It starts as an expensive hardback intended for institutional libraries, plus a more reasonably priced e-book – and there is a paperback after 18 months.

If what is sent in turns out to be more suitable to the Jung list, then the Routledge editors will enable that to happen. This list has a new editor, Aiyana Curtis who has taken over from Heidi Lowther. The Jung list continues to be edited by Susannah Frearson.

With many thanks for circulating the flyer.

Best wishes, Andrew Samuels

Download the PDF Flyer: Routledge Monos in Analytical Psychology (Sept 2017)