Author Note: Bernie Neville is Adjunct Professor of Education at Latrobe University, Melbourne, Australia. He may be contacted at b.neville@latrobe.edu.au or PO Box 433, Healesville VIV 3777, Australia. He is the author of Educating Psyche: Imagination, Emotion, and the Unconscious in Learning and Olympus Inc.: Interveneing for Cultural Change in Organizations. Keywords: transformational learning, transformative teaching, Rogers, change The Person-Centered Journal, Vol. 18, No. 1-2, 2011 Printed in the United States. All rights reserved.


TEACHING AND TRANSFORMATION Bernie Neville Faculty of Education, La Trobe University, Melbourne


Teachers are involved in the personal transformation of their students whether or not they are comfortable with the idea of “changing” their students. In this paper, the image of an onion is utilized in the discussion of a model of multilayered learning, noting that learning does not take place only at the surface layer of skills and behavior, but also at the deeper layers of perspectives, values and basic assumptions, with different kinds of teaching likely to impact at each level.


We need sometimes to pause and reflect on our purposes as educators. What do we think we are doing as educators? What do we hope to do?

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