A psychosocial enquiry into depth psychology and feminism

Conference reminder: Feminist Views from Somewhere

To remind you all, and update you – our site has all registration details (https://feministviewsfromsomewhere.wordpress.com) and the great news is that people are beginning to sign up – we’d need to know by April, please since we want to start funding the Amnesty International venue.
Let us know directly on feministviewsfromsomewhere@gmail.com if you are paying into the account with your name.  and contact us on that gmail address also for ideas on local accommodation if you require it.
On 6th July we will have more discussion face-to-face about feminism and Jungian tenets.
During next week, the programme of speakers – which is very full – will be up as well. We will get the abstracts up asap.
with best wishes, Leslie Gardner, Fran Gray and Catriona Miller
…endorsed by IAJS, Department of Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic Studies at University of Essex, and Confederation for Analytical Psychology