New Psychosocial Studies Program

This masters programme will develop your capacity to utilise psychoanalytical thinking to gain critical knowledge, understanding and insight into psychosocial phenomena. You will have the resources to influence your field of practice in becoming more responsive to psychosocial realities.

Why study MSc Psychosocial Studies at Middlesex University?

Middlesex University has a long history in psychoanalytic studies, being among the first universities to offer postgraduate teaching in this area, and this is the only Postgraduate course in Psychosocial Studies with a focus on psychoanalysis in the UK.

The psychoanalytic focus of the course will allow you to explore the unconscious, focus on the psychosocial, and gain expertise in the associated methods, intellectual perspectives and reflective attitudes. You will develop a psychoanalytically informed understanding of the dynamic relation between individual experience and social reality, at a postgraduate level. You will also have the opportunity to develop links with professional organisations such as in counselling or journalism.

This course is designed for those with various interests and professional backgrounds in counselling, NGO/Humanitarian work, teaching, journalism or social work.

Also this study option:

Both courses include analytical psychology.


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