Philosophy Activism Nature issue13

Available now: Philosophy Activism Nature issue13

Featuring a groundbreaking discussion around the Aboriginal Australian concept of Country and the cross-cultural potential of comparative mythopoeia.

PAN 13, titled Country and Mythopoeia, includes a core section on the work of Craig San Roque, who responds to the needs of Central Desert people by gifting them theatrical pieces about the ʻbig storiesʼ of the West, in the ancient oral storytelling style of which they are masters. This new issue also includes commentary, analysis, poetry, reviews and creative works by authors including Freya Mathews, John Bradley and editor Geoff Berry. Other contributors familiar with San Roqueʼs oeuvre further such possibilities of comparative mythopoeia in their own right, towards the same kind of earthy wisdom, which comes from deep listening to the voices of nature both within and without.

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