Indeterminate States: trans-cultural; trans-racial; trans-gender.

The Latest IAAP/IAJS Conference is Fast Approaching

It is shaping up to be an important conference in the history of Analytical Psychology

Professor Dr. Christian Roesler is conducting a Pre-Conference workshop on the latest research activities around analytical psychology.

Pre-conference workshop on research in Analytical Psychology.

August 2, 9-5pm

Chair: Prof. Dr. Christian Roesler. Dipl.-Psych., (clinical psychology and psychotherapy). Psychoanalyst (C.G.Jung Institute, Zürich). Professor of Clinical Psychology and Family Therapy.

The aim of this workshop is to give an overview of research activities in the field of analytical psychology and psychodynamic psychotherapy in general. Different research designs using quantitative as well as qualitative methodologies, and their combination in mixed methods designs, will be introduced. These research designs will be illustrated by completed or ongoing studies conducted in the field of analytical psychology. Participants will be supported in planning their own studies in different contexts, so as to promote the implementation of research in different fields and countries in analytical psychology. The workshop addresses analysts and psychotherapists as well as students and candidates in training.

Details may be found here as well as registration information >>>