Lacan on Psychosis: From Theory to Praxis (Philosophy and Psychoanalysis) Paperback – 8 Oct 2018 by Jon Mills (Editor), David L. Downing (Editor)

New Book: Lacan on Psychosis From Theory to Praxis Edited by Jon Mills & David L. Downing

Dear All:

On the heels of Ladson’s and Hessel’s seminar and book Temporality and Shame–which I hope everyone buys–hint, hint, as well as the announcement by Mark Winborn on his new book on interpretation in analytical psychology, and another new book coming out by one of our members, Erik Goodwyn, on interpreting dreams and spontaneous images, I thought I would also let people know of my next book coming out. For those interested in a discount on an advanced order.  Also, we received the following endorsements among others.

A classic reference book!
—Slavoj Žižek
This collection presents a variety of thoughtful interpretations of
Lacan’s myriad formulations regarding psychosis. 
—Bruce Fink
As someone who works with psychotic, regressed, and borderline patients in outpatient private practice, this book grew out of such experiences.
Available here on the Routldege website: