CALL FOR PAPERS Jungian Psychology and the Human Sciences

Call for Papers: Jungian Psychology & the Human Sciences

Please note that IAJS issued a second deadline (1st of November) to submit abstracts for the 2020 Duquesne conference that has subsequently been rectified. Many submitted on 30th September (the initial deadline). Prof Brooke wrote a message on the IAJS listserve to apologise for the change of plans, and the deadline had been corrected on the website. We are sorry that some of you were not informed, because you downloaded a PDF of the Call for Papers still indicating the deadline of 1st November.

All available slots for presentations had been taken by 30th September, so it did not seem fair to extend the deadline at that point. Given that some people were under the impression that there was still time to submit, we are offering the opportunity to be added to a “waiting list” in case some speakers drop out, which might happen closer to the date of the conference. If this would be an option for you, please submit an abstract, 3-5 references, and a short biographical note. Unfortunately, we are not able to guarantee anyone will drop out at this stage. The IAJS Board of Directors apologises for the miscommunication. 

Download the Call for Papers

Inquiries and submissions:

Roger Brooke, Ph.D.,
Camilla Giambonini, MA, MSc,

Submit titles and abstracts of approx. 300 words, plus selected references.

Closing Date: November 1, 2019