"Liminal Forms of Experience in CG. Jung's Theory and in Other Contemporary Researches" University of Wroclaw/Poland 8-10 May 2020

Deadline Extended for Cal for papers

“Liminal Forms of Experience in CG. Jung’s Theoryand in Other Contemporary Researches”

University of Wroclaw/Poland8-10 May 2020

The key-note speakers:

Prof. Robert Segal – “Liminality from Van Gennep to Turner to Jung“

Dr. Scott J. Hill – “Confrontation with the Unconscious: Jungian Insights Into Psychedelic Experience and Psychedelic-Enhanced Therapy”

Prof. Dr. med. Torsten Passie – „Jung’s Transcendent Function and LSD”

Other confirmed presentations:

Prof. Ilona Błocian – “Primeval experience in the grasp of C. G. Jung”

Dr. Ewa Kwiatkowska – “The notion of liminality from anthropology to sociology of religion in the context of Jungian theory”

Dr. Andrew Kuzmicki – “Ayahuasca experience in the light of the Jungian theory of ego”

The new deadline is now:  20th of February 2020 to send us your paper.

Thank you very much for all already submitted proposals! 

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 or by sending to the email address conference@jungpoland.org.

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Andrew Kuzmicki