Jungian Arts-Based Research and "The Nuclear Enchantment of New Mexico" By Susan Rowland, Joel Weishaus

New book: Jungian Arts-Based Research and “The Nuclear Enchantment of New Mexico” By Susan Rowland, Joel Weishaus

Dear everyone,
We are delighted to announce the publication of JUNGIAN ARTS-BASED RESEARCH AND THE NUCLEAR ENCHANTMENT OF NEW MEXICO by Susan Rowland and Joel Weishaus


ABR is relatively new in the academy (although re-awaking ancient modes) and this is the first book to say explicitly why Jung for ABR and why ABR for Jung. “The Nuclear Enchantment of New Mexico” is an epic abr poem about the relationship of the State to Nuclear Weapons (a cultural complex for all of us – as depicted by Singer & Kimbles).
I am happy to offer a free webinar on this to any Jungian group. 

Book Description

Jungian Arts-Based Research and “The Nuclear Enchantment of New Mexico” provides clear, accessible and in-depth guidance both for arts-based researchers using Jung’s ideas and for Jungian scholars undertaking arts-based research. The book provides a central extended example which applies the techniques described to the full text of Joel Weishaus’ prose poem The Nuclear Enchantment of New Mexico, published here for the first time.

Designed as a “how-to” book, Jungian Arts-Based Research and “The Nuclear Enchantment of New Mexico” explores how Jung contributes to the new arts-based paradigm in psychic functions such as intuition, by providing an epistemology of symbols that includes the unconscious, and research strategies such as active imagination. Rowland examines Jung’s The Red Book as an early example of Jungian arts-based research and demonstrates how this practice challenges the convention of the detached researcher by providing holistic knowing. Arts-based researchers will find here a psychic dimension that also manifests in transdisciplinarity, while those familiar with Jung’s work will find in arts-based research ways to foster diversity for a decolonized academy.

This unique project will be essential reading for Jungian and post-Jungian academics and scholars, arts-based researchers of all backgrounds and readers interested in transdisciplinarity.

Susan A. Rowland, Ph.D.co-Chair: Engaged Humanities and the Creative Life 
Professor: Depth Psychology and Archetypal Studies
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