The Red Book by Carl Jung. The IAJS Triannual Conference April 2-5, 2020

The ONLINE IAJS Triannual Conference March 18-21, 2021 Registration Now Open

The Department of Psychology AT Duquesne University and THE IAJS PRESENTS

Jungian Psychology and the Human Sciences

Read closely with regard to rates, and note that the gala dinner is included in the price of the conference, but is not available to those registering for only one day. (If one-day registration applies to you but you would like to attend the dinner, email me (Roger Brooke) and we can do an individual registration.

Psychology as a human science is a broad field in which there are several traditions, most notably psychoanalysis, phenomenology and hermeneutics, feminist and other critical, deconstructive approaches. Most Jungian publications now reflect these influences as well. 

Both Duquesne University and Jungian psychology have been pioneers in the development of psychology as an indigenously human science, in the traditions known as the Geisteswissenschaften. Both are concerned primarily with questions of meaning in symptoms and psychological phenomena, the nature of psychological evidence for descriptive and interpretative methods, self-reflection on our own foundations, our embeddedness in history, culture, and language, what it means to be a person, embodied, gendered, and conscious. 

This online conference is an opportunity for these mutual influences to be explored and celebrated, and for us to spend time with others whose work we have enjoyed.

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  1. looks great – i’d wanted to book only for weekend since i’m working but it seems i can only book for one day – so i elected saturday and will add on closer to the time – thanks, Leslie

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