New Book Coming Soon from Diego Pignatelli Spinazzola

The art of being reborn: Jung between alchemy and gnostcism” is an opus similar to the classic vision of the Zurich psychiatrist C. G. Jung. The author extends Jung’s classic approach to alchemy with a rich inventory of Latin phrases and terms faithful to the father of analytical psychology. Diego Pignatelli Spinazzola therefore restores and recovers lyric poetics with the sapiential allegories of C. G. Jung together with the numinous approach of his writings on Gnosticism, Hermeticism and Hermetic thought. At the center of this essay is Jung’s investigation of the “magnet” as the archetype of the Self and of the “Krater” in the visions of Zosimos, an Egyptian alchemist of the 3rd and 4th centuries AD. C. and from which Jung drew inspiration from primary sources. It is a book that presents itself in the same category and weight to the works of C. G. Jung and his style that was halfway between a philological and an exegetical analysis. Furthermore, the author draws from the original inventory of the famous Zurich psychoanalyst and as oil on canvas paints his metaphors and the arcanum, intertwining and exploring in depth Gnostic and alchemical themes and also offering an original vision of the “corpus hermeticum ”of C. G. Jung: from Greek, Arab and medieval alchemy to his peculiar Gnostic background.