Officially closing Danielle Poirier and Steve Meyers’ IAJS Online seminar

Dear Membership,

We are now officially closing  Danielle Poirier and Steve Meyers’  IAJS Online seminar December 07, 2020. On behalf of the IAJS Board of Directors, I want to extend our gratitude to our presenters for their time and expertise extended to our community. We are also appreciative of those of you who participated in any way you did. 

At this point, the moderator will allow non seminar related posts to go through. The presenters are no longer obligated to respond to further seminar related posts, however they may if they wish. 

I send you all my very best wishes for continued safety and peace of mind in our endurance through all manner of global disruptions.

Sheltering in Seattle,

Robin McCoy Brooks
IAJS Online Seminar Chair