The Use and Abuse of Power in Therapy with Valerie Sinason and Dr Fanny Brewster

The power imbalance between the therapist and client/patient is an ever present factor in psychotherapy. Valerie Sinason draws on many years of experience of working with people whose lives have been profoundly injured by the abuse of power by others, and considers the healing power of truth, understanding and attachment within the therapy relationship. Fanny Brewster will explore societal issues of racial relations as an intrinsic part of the culture in which our work as psychotherapists exists and of which we need to be aware.

WMIP welcome Valerie Sinason and Fanny Brewster as keynote speakers at this event. Valerie Sinason is a poet and writer who has spent the last forty years as a child psychotherapist and adult psychoanalyst focussing on disability and dissociation. Fanny Brewster is a Jungian analyst and Professor of Depth Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute. She is a writer and lectures on Jungian related topics that address Dreamwork, American Culture and Creativity.

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