Dreamwork in Holistic Psychotherapy of Depression An Underground Stream that Guides and Heals By Greg Bogart

Dreamwork in Holistic Psychotherapy of Depression

by Greg Bogart  (Author)

ISBN-13: 978-1782201601
ISBN-10: 1782201602

This book asserts that Jungian dreamwork is a safe and effective means of addressing the sources and origins of depression, including negative body image, trauma, family and marital conflicts, separation and divorce, workplace stress and burnout, bereavement, and ancestral, intergenerational stressors. The author describes examples of individuals who utilized the messages and symbols of dreams to work through the emotional, relational, and existential issues associated with depression and to make beneficial life changes. The book details an easy-to-follow method that can be practiced by couples, friends and family members, in psychotherapy, and in self-treatment, to gain natural relief without unpleasant side effects.


“Based on years of clinical experience and a marriage of the wisdom of Jung with the practical strategies of existential psychotherapy, Dr Greg Bogart makes the meaning of dreams come alive. He demonstrates how dream work can be a potent resource at key turning points in the life cycle—including early adulthood, marriage, midlife, retirement, and old age. His examples are extremely clear and show the impact of working with an evolving series of dreams. Dr Bogart uses dreams to address practical dilemmas in love and work but always with an eye to a universal and spiritual dimension of dreaming. I highly recommend this insightful and uplifting book. It is relevant for psychotherapists, dream analysts, and the general public, especially for those who are depressed and want to experience a unique approach to healing.”

• Alan Siegel, PhD, Associate Professor of Psychology, University of California, Berkeley; Education Chair and past President, International Association for the Study of Dreams.

‘The book you hold is a distillation of the wisdom, knowledge, and clinical technique of an inspired interpreter of dreams. Greg Bogart shows us how messages from the deep psyche illuminate psychodynamics, current life situations, and directions for healing in our patients and ourselves. He shows that even what appear to be negative dreams orient us toward wholeness. Although this book concerns the treatment of many different kinds of depression, it is far more. I regard it as a major contribution to the wider field of depth psychotherapy, one I warmly recommend. ‘

• Bryan Wittine, PhD, LMFT, Jungian Psychoanalyst, C. G. Jung Institute of San Francisco

‘In this innovative book, Dr Greg Bogart makes a convincing case that working with dreams can be an effective treatment for depression. Bogart’s holistic approach combines existential psychotherapy, Jungian psychology, and cultural mythology. Each case study is a novella, filled with penetrating insights, and a joy to read. Dreamwork In Holistic Psychotherapy Of Depression is truly a breakthrough work, one that entertains as well as instructs. ‘

• Stanley Krippner, PhD, Professor of Psychology, Saybrook University.