Swami Vivekananda and C.G. Jung: Yoga in the West Paperback – April 11, 2022 by Steven Herrmann (Author)

Swami Vivekananda and C.G. Jung: Yoga in the West

I am happy to announce the publication of my new book on Western Yoga:

“In a series of deeply researched and eloquent books, Jungian Analyst Steven Herrmann has explored the American roots of depth psychology and the innovative concept of spiritual democracy, a non-dual and integrative spirituality that emphasizes individual experience and values all religious traditions equally. His latest book deepens this project by examining the influence of Swami Vivekananda on William James and his distinctly American psychology of direct experience, with a parallel inquiry into the impact of Vedanta on Jung’s thought and the development of depth psychology.

Although Dr. Herrmann has done a great service in tracing these interconnections, the book is far more than a historical account. Building on this rich heritage, it lays the groundwork for an integrative Western yoga or “path of sacred action” that draws on the thought of Vivekananda and Jung. Using different language, James, Jung and Vivekananda articulated a vision of the superconscious or Higher Self that inculcates virtues and truths that guides individuals and, in our current circumstance, can help the human race to avoid destruction.

Dr. Herrmann shares this deeply intuitive vision and wears his learning lightly, interweaving dreams, synchronicities and insights arising from his longtime emersion in depth psychology and yoga. As such, his latest book is an invaluable study of Eastern and Western approaches to higher levels of consciousness and spiritual democracy that reaches across disciplines and traditions.”
John Ensign, Ph.D., Jungian Analyst and Spiritual Director

I welcome discussions with IAJS members on this seminal topic!

Book may be ordered as a softcover in the USA and internationally on Amazon and in India. Kindle version available soon: