IAJS Online Seminar — Animate Being – Tracing the Tacit through Jungian Arts Based Research

Dear Membership,

I am pleased to announce our next IAJS Seminar will be with Briony Clarke titled “Animate Being – Tracing the Tacit through Jungian Arts Based Research.”

The seminar will be held on Sunday, July 24th via Zoom at 6 pm (London) / 10 am (Los Angeles) / 1 pm (New York) for approximately 1 hour. The seminar will be moderated by Ris Swank.

In order to attend this seminar, you MUST email Ris at marisa.a.swank@gmail.com to register. You will receive the Zoom link and passcode one hour prior to the seminar. 

Further details regarding Briony Clarke and the content of the seminar can be found below. 

We look forward to you joining us then.


Animate Being – Tracing the Tacit through Jungian Arts Based Research

July 24, 2022 

In seeking to extend Jung’s practice of the image to new mediums via speculative inter-species game design I am mobilising my art practice as a research methodology. My practice is one of speculative worlding where I use design processes as a means of structuring my explorations. Here, as part of my methodological approach, I have developed an hermeneutic iterative design process. This is a cyclic process through which the designer will move through not once but repeatedly as they ideate, prototype, test, analyse and refine. This spiral movement creates a unique territory where I am able to observe and reveal how images and ideas enter into, collide, move and develop through practice as research as visual forms. As part of my research I have documented this process in a ‘playbook’ and I am sharing extracts of this document with the IAJS community alongside a selection of interactive game vignettes via a website. In lieu of an ongoing discussion in the forum I will be holding a Zoom seminar where this work can be discussed alongside a real time collaborator, an artificial intelligence who will contribute to the discussion via true random number generation (TRNG) and image making. 

Bio: Briony Clarke is an artist with a deeply design led practice. It is an applied craft of design fiction, a tentacular and ludic way of finding and being in the world and thinking about possibilities through speculation, making and myth. She trained in Architecture at London Metropolitan University, before postgraduate studies in Fine Art at Central St Martins and Communication Design at The Royal College of Art. She completed an MA in Jungian Studies at the University of Essex in 2018 and is currently working towards her PhD where, under the supervision of Dr Kevin Lu and the poet Dr Holly Pester, she is pursuing her research through a practice as research methodology as she seeks to extend Jung’s practice of the image to new mediums via speculative inter-species game design.  

She has exhibited widely in the UK and worldwide, including most recently the Venice Biennale in Italy, The Experimental Game Design festival at Somerset House in London, and the Self Design Academy at the MU in the Netherlands. She was nominated for the John Ruskin Artist as Polymath prize and has received support from Arts Council England to pursue her work and produce several public facing projects. Most notably this included a four year period of residence in the constructed destination of Portmeirion Village in North Wales where she conducted a long term lived experiment, hosting an open studio which welcomed over 250,000 visitors and explored the contextual boundaries of near future speculative fiction. She is currently an Associate Lecturer at Central St Martins in London teaching interdisciplinary design methodologies to MA students who are working in the nascent field of Biodesign (design with living systems) where she emphasises consideration of the inclusion of the psyche as one such living system.