Jungian psychology and the human sciences International Association for Jungian Studies 2020 conference to be held jointly with Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, USA April 2-5, 2020

The 2021 IAJS Conference Presentations

IAJS-Duquesne recordings: From the THE ONLINE IAJS TRIANNUAL CONFERENCE MARCH 18-21, 2021

Alvin, J. & E. Hanley: Apocalypse Imminent: A depth psychological analysis of human responses to fear of catastrophe and extinction., Hanley, E. Alvin, J.

Balenci, M: Jung, Groddeck and Analytic Technique, Marco Balenci

Barnard, S: Presenter of the Film by John Akromah: The Nine Muses, Suzanne Barnard

Brewster, F: Journeying: Grievance to Grief, Fanny Brewster

Brooks, R: Healing is Political, Robin McCoy Brooks

Cohen, B: How Jung’s Erotic Relationship with Three Ex-Patients led him to the Rosarium Drawings, his template for healing in psychoanalysis, Betsy Cohen

Cunningham, R: The March from Selma to Montgomery and the Nonviolent Movement in Analysis, Renee Cunningham

Davis, M: Towards a New Hermeneutic: Re-Viewing Analytical Psychology through the Mythic Lens of Marija Gimbutas, Maude Davis

Dean, M: Psychological Methodology in Light of Jung’s Multiple-Epistemologies and Gebser’s Pluralistic Model of Consciousness, Mark Dean

Euvrard, G: Encounters with African elephants: transformative gatherings, Gwenda Euvrard

Farah, S: The science of interpretation: analysis and hermeneutics, Stephen Farah

Faydysh, D: Transhumanism and the heroic ego, Diana Faydysh

Fialkovskaya, A: Archetypes, unconscious and individuation: basic concepts of Jungian psychology from the Buddhist perspective, Alexandra Fialkovskaya

Giambonini, C: The Jungian subject in psychosocial research: which contribution can Jung offer to investigate psychosocial phenomena?, Camilla Giambonini

Goodwyn, E: Integrating genome and psyche: toward a theory of the Self’s ancestral memory, Erik Goodwyn

Graf-Nold, A: Medard Boss, and his institution of Heideggerian Daseins-analysis or: C.G. Jung’s uncomfortable role within Swiss psychotherapeutic training after WWII, Angela Graf-Nold

Halperin, D: Anatomy of a Vision: A Psychological Approach To The Papua New Guinea UFO Sightings, June 26-27th, 1959, Davis Halperin

Heide-Jorgensen, H: An outline to a supplement to Jung’s view on the function of organized religion, Henriette Heide-Jorgensen

Henderson, D: Analytic Time(s): Jung, Deleuze, and a critique of continuity, David Henderson

Hennebert, H: Goddesses of Brazil unfolding Weltanschauung, Hannah Hennebert

Hinds, S: The Dual Archetypal Legacy: A Fork in the Road Beyond Descartes, Sam Hinds

Hovhannisyan, G: Mythopoietic Cognitive Science, Garri Hovhannisyan

Huskinson, L: Walking the royal road of the unconscious, Lucy Huskinson

Kell, K: Carrying Cats by the Tails and Other Epistemological Concerns: Using Pragmatism to Bridge Epistemology and Ontology in the Work of C.G. Jung, Kevin Kell

Lall, J: Making Theory, At Home and On the Road: With appreciation to Bernd Jager, Jean Lall

Literski, N: A Depth Psychological Contribution to the Study of Paleolithic Cave Art, Nicholas Literski

Lu, K Discussant of Suzanne Barnard, Kevin Lu

McGlory, D: Discussant of Suzanne Barnard, Diana McGlory

Myers, S: The Lost Human Science in Psychological Types, Steve Myers

Nathenson, R: Finding your Inner Gun: A Jungian Perspective on Mass Shootings and American Gun Culture, Randi Nathenson

Odde, D: Somatic (unconsciousness): in-between body/matter, affect, and imagination, Dorte Odde

Ostafin, B: Encountering the numinous: Using qualitative and quantitative methods to examine the influence of awe inductions on meaning, forgiveness, dehumanization, and ego-transcendence, Brian Ostafin

Poorbaugh, C: The Nightmare of Astrology, Cindy Poorbaugh

Rand, E: Geometry and Individuation in Times of Crisis: The Mandala and the Indigo Dye Vat: A Love Story, Evangeline Rand

Romanyshyn, R: In the Gap Between Phenomenology and Jungian Psychology: Cultivating a Poetics of Psychological Life, Robert Romanyshyn

Saban, M: Two Jungs: Two sciences?, Mark Saban

Samuels, A: The role of the good-enough all-rounder in Jungian studies: “clinic and academy” revisted, Andrew Samuels

Savage, C: Lay your burden down: Baubo jests to ease Demeter’s despair, Claire Tiampo Savage

Schamp, J: ”From ‘Terrified Consciousness’ to the Self: Unveiling and Re-imagining Whiteness in Jean Rhys’s ‘The Insect World’ and Helen Klonaris’s ‘Flies’”, Jutta Schamp

Schneider, A: Archetypal Perspective Anti-Homeless Architecture, Adam Schneider

Schwartz, S: Jung and Kristeva: The Looking Glass Between Self and Other, Susan Schwartz

Welsh, S: Transracial: a depth psychological case study of Rachel Dolezal, Sarah Nevin Welsh

White, J: Ressentiment: Its Phenomenology and Clinical Significance, John White