Beyond Persona On Individuation and Beginnings with Jungian Analysts

By Lavinia Țânculescu, Mark Winborn    device doctor pro crack autocad crack guitar pro crack voicemeeter potato crack

This book presents intimate interviews with senior Jungian analysts and scholars from all over the world, providing unique insight into their childhoods, life experiences, and long careers in analytical psychology.

Each interview also focuses on uncovering the person beyond the professional persona. The interviewees are compelling, significant figures in analytical psychology. Their stories interact with significant events and time periods in world history: stories which are interwoven with World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Arab Israeli wars, Vietnam, the counter-culture movements of the 60’s, women’s rights, fascism, communism, immigration, spirituality, slavery, racism, trauma, sexual orientation, and poverty, as well as many other themes. The scope of the lives captured in this volume is moving and inspiring.

Beyond Persona with Jungian Analysts provides unprecedented access to leaders of the field and would be an inspiring read for psychologists and students of depth psychology and Jungian analysis, and those wishing to follow in their footsteps.

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