Jung e le visioni del Cratere: Immagini archetipiche dall'eternità (Italian Edition) Paperback – January 10, 2023

Jung and the visions of the Krater by Diego Pignatelli Spinazzola


From the “symbolism of the mass” to the ritual of the Aztec teoqualo, “eating the god”, to the Benedictio fontis whose antecedents turn out to be pagans: the volume introduces the forerunner ideas of C. G. Jung and his peculiar exegetics in the study of alchemy. Indeed, the latter represents, for the father of analytical psychology, the same structure of the unconscious, whose premises are based on earlier and archaic conceptions such as the visions of Zosimos, an alchemist of the third century AD., to whom we owe a wealth of extremely invaluable ideas and precious testimonies for the psychology of the unconscious.

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Diego Pignatelli Spinazzola