Working with the Wounded Narrative

Working With the Wounded Narrative. An Experiential Arts-Based Inquiry

Overwhelmed and feeling powerless in the face of our own reactions to traumatic events and relationships, the psyche ironically identifies with the dark images of such inner or outer encounters.

• These psychic images often then manifest themselves through physical and psychological symptoms including addiction.
• Symptoms reinforce the neural pathways of the brain to repeatedly send the same signals to the nervous system.
• Over time this generates the recycling of energy in the psyche and soma, that of the trauma vortex.
• Creativity has the capacity to interrupt this endless cycle of despair through bringing us back to the core of healing that lies in the relationship between the conscious mind (ego) and the unconscious.

Because creativity relies on the activation of both conscious and unconscious engagement, the ego can learn to recognize an energetic link between trauma and transformation. It can do this through the body and the body of the art materials which create symbols for us to work with. The embodied symbols act as guides through the unknown. Both trauma and transformation are a “going beyond oneself” phenomenon. We encounter a void, a seemingly impossible experience: no-self. This could be devastating, a process of disintegration. Or a leap of faith in which a metamorphosis can take shape.

Sunday March 17, 2024 3:30-6:00 pm Pacific time
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