New Book: Feminisms, Technology and Depth Psychology An Enquiry

Feminisms, Technology and Depth Psychology explores the intersection of a variety of feminist thought with technology through the lens of depth psychology, and investigates how current approaches to technology impact female life globally – from internet use, to biotechnology, to how female creators imagine life.

This thought‑provoking collection, edited by Leslie Gardner, Catriona Miller and Roula-Maria Dib, is a discussion on changing female capacities and creativity. It questions whether female oppression is becoming more easily enabled within the context of technology use, touching on topics of manipulation, ecological awareness, female decision making, and more. Part One is a three‑chapter investigation on queer history, birthing, and reproductive technologies in science fiction novels. Part Two explores images of females and technology in a variety of cultural products ranging from science fiction films to contemporary TV dramas and novels. Part Three looks at the political impact of technology on female worlds, and Part Four examines perspectives on the creative process behind writing science fiction and fantasy.

Feminisms, Technology and Depth Psychology will appeal to Jungian analysts and psychotherapists, and analytical psychologists. It also offers insightful perspectives to academics and students of psychology, gender studies, and politics.