A lot more research needs to be done…

Dear Judith,

I’m sorry but I can’t be more precise in my evaluation of internet communication. It’s a hung Parliament for me. On the one hand, I see the educational benefits of quick access to information and interaction possibilities over distances such as on line seminars etc.

On the other hand, as a Jungian analyst, I have worked with individuals trapped in chat rooms with their attendant bullying and violation of boundaries. A compulsive use of video games as an escape into a fantasy world rather confronting the day to day problems of finding work, establishing or changing relationships in the outside world is a pattern which for some is even more difficult to break. I see the ‘trickster’ operating in this realm well enough.

I agree with Jean’s view of the trickster as I understand her. He/she does not need to be intentionally constellated for ‘creative’ purposes. She/he is staring us in the face.

Practice in participating in some abusive chat rooms interchange can overcome one’s own fear of owning aggression, but in some cases, depending on individual vulnerability, it leads to overwhelming feelings of despair even suicide over the anguish of ever being accepted and approved of by a group.

A lot more research needs to be done.

Judith, I’d be interested to hear your view of the negative or positive effects of Internet interaction. I summarized these three clinical articles with the purpose that they might elicit some more in depth responses than I offered from seminar participants such as yourself bringing in your personal and/or professional backgrounds and experiences.

With warm wishes, Liz Brodersen

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