April 2015 Seminar: IAJS: An Experiment in Group Relations

Dear IAJS members

We will be presenting an online seminar (via the list serve) starting on the 18th of this month. The title of the seminar is ‘IAJS: An Experiment in Group Relations’. The intention of the seminar is to offer an opportunity for an introspective process and candid examination of the internal dialogue and culture of the IAJS itself; both for itself and as an instance of the ubiquitous presence of online communities.  A consideration of the contemporary form of distance correspondence previously incarnated in the letter, such as will be the subject of the upcoming Jung-Neumann Conference.

Two papers will be presented, both by members of the IAJS Executive Committee.

The first paper by Peter Dunlap is  titled ‘Renewing our faith in groups: A moral imperative for our community.’ This paper was originally presented at the Phoenix Conference last year.

Peter Dunlap is a psychologist working in private practice and active in the political and social arena. Peter is author of  ‘Awakening our faith in the future: The advent of psychological liberalism (Routledge, 2008)’ as well as numerous book chapters and journal articles in the area of Jungian Studies.

The second paper by Jean Lall is titled ‘ Jungian Studies: Lost and Found in Cyberspace’

Jean Hinson Lall, M.A., is an independent scholar and a Jungian-oriented psychotherapist and astrological consultant in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. With an academic background in literature, the history of ideas, and religious studies and training in group process and organization development. Jean is co-editor, along with Angela Voss, of ‘The Imaginal Cosmos: Astrology, Divination and the Sacred (University of Kent, 2007).’

The seminar will be introduced, by another IAJS EC member Marybeth Carter, along with the first paper on the 18th.

Respectfully yours,

Stephen Farah on behalf on the IAJS Executive Committee

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