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Formed in 2002, the IAJS is a multidisciplinary association dedicated to the exploration and exchange of views about all aspects of the broader cultural legacy of Jung’s work and the history of analytical psychology.

Through the development of Jungian and post-Jungian studies, the IAJS aims to aid the understanding of contemporary cultural trends and the history of psychological and cultural tendencies. For example, the association promotes:

  • Scholarship relating analytical psychology to the arts and humanities, social sciences and philosophy as well as clinical, methodological and theoretical research
  • The application of the concepts of Jungian and post-Jungian analytical psychology to literature, theatre, film and media studies, religious studies
  • Applications in medicine, physics, and the philosophy and history of science
  • Practice-based research in education, culture, therapy and the arts

Membership is open to those from any discipline, artistic or cultural practice, including analysts and psychotherapists, with an interest in Jungian and post-Jungian studies at a scholarly level. All members have equal voting rights. Membership privileges include access to ‘member only’ areas on the website, stimulating online discussions, local and international seminars and publishing opportunities.

The online forum supports rigorous intellectual exploration, offers deep insights and often breaks the latest news on Jungian related research, events, issues and advances. Through the IAJS own journal – International Journal for Jungian Studies (IJJS) – members have an opportunity to publish their academic research relating to Jungian studies. IAJS occupies a unique space of bringing together, yet not trying to unite, to respect rather than erode differences, amongst Jungians from different theoretical and professional groupings, as well as offering collegiality for scholars working in isolation.

The IAJS organizes conferences, facilitates academic exchange, maintains a website and keeps in contact with professional organizations of Jungian analysts and psychotherapists worldwide. It is committed to the ideals of academic freedom and equal opportunity, and pursues opportunities for scholarly publishing as a vital method of disseminating research.

Late 2018 Update

Dear IAJS members, 

Recently, we wrote to inform you that IAJS intends to change the renewal system onto a once per year payment, starting from January 2019.  Many of you would rather pay a prorated fee for 2019, as they have recently renewed their membership according to the old system.  We will contact you individually with the correct amount at the beginning of the new year. 

We thank you very much for your kind cooperation.

On behalf of the Board of Directors,

Camilla Giambonini

IAJS hon. secretary

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