Gender, sexualities and individuation in Jungian psychology. Notes on lesbian identity. Carolina Guíñez

June 24th, 2023 – Via Zoom

2 hour ZOOM moderated by Vala Kiebel

Presentation: 12-1.30pm (Chile) / 9-10.30 am (Los Angeles) / 5-6.30 pm (London) / 12-1.30pm (NYC)
Q&A: 1.30pm-2pm (Chile) /10.30am-11am (Los Angeles) / 6.30-7pm (London) / 1.30-2pm (NYC)

In this presentation, Guíñez will introduce part of the results derived from a qualitative research carried out by the author. Her investigation is centered in the understanding of the development of lesbian identity from the perspective of analytical psychology. Life stories from a group of Chilean lesbians of different ages were collected in order to analyze the development of their identities as lesbians, based on the process of individuation, following Jung’s ideas and other post-Jungian authors. Feminist Jungian theorists have criticized before the gender bias and heterosexism present in Jung’s theory, as well as his medicalized understanding of homosexuality and lesbianism, from which these could be considered pathologies. Moreover, some post-Jungian theorists have taken up these critics and incorporated a broader gender perspective, from which it is possible to attribute to lesbianism a teleological rather than a pathological dimension. In that sense, the lesbian experience can be a path to the depths, that is, an encounter with the Self. As lesbian desire challenges the heteronormativity in our societies, the process of constructing an identity as a lesbian involves confronting the zeitgeist from a dissident position, which constitutes both a political act and a possible way to live in tune with the yearnings of the soul. This presentation also explores the different gender positions to which lesbian identity leads as it develops during the life course.

Carolina Guíñez: Author of the book “Ser lesbiana, un camino de individuación” [Being Lesbian, a path of individuation], published in 2019 by RIL Editors. Clinical Psychologist, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Master in Adult Clinical Psychology Existential Humanistic Approach, Universidad de Chile. Certificated in Jungian Psychology and Psychoplastic (Multidisciplinary Program of Jungian Psychology, Art and Philosophy), Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Post-graduate teacher and clinical supervisor at the University of Chile, where she teaches on “Gender and Jungian Psychology”. Psychotherapist of adults in private practice in Santiago de Chile. Member of the Chilean Society of Analytical Psychology (SCPA) and the collective Lesbianas Junguianas. Together with Valeria Kierbel (candidate to Jungian analyst by SUAPA Uruguayan-Argentinean Society of Analytical Psychology) she carries out the online course “Genders, bodies, feminisms: Analytical Psychology Intercepted”, since 2020. Together with Andy Arocha, Fran Ruggiero and Valeria Kierbel, she was invited in 2022 by PhD Professor Gustavo Beck to teach the class “Imagination, body and gender in Jungian and post-Jungian theory” for the Master and PhD Program in Depth Psychology with Specialization in Community Psychology, Liberation, Indigenous and Ecopsychology, Pacifica Graduate Institute, California, USA.

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