2nd Jung/Lacan Dialogue

This is the second in a series of Jung-Lacan Dialogues aimed at fostering an engagement between two important and creative schools of psychoanalysis. What is the common ground between them? What are the intractable differences? Is it possible to find a common language or achieve mutual understandings? And what are the implications for clinical practice?

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Maryann Barone-Chapman @ AJA, London, 19 November !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  While conducting doctoral research in social science on late motherhood, two analytical engagements with the feminine came to my attention as evidence of a patriarchal bias toward the realm of womanhood. Whether her name was anima, the unconscious or mother, the views of the analytical fathers appeared to be perpetuating a social problem continuing

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IAJS Seminars

IAJS membership includes access to the global discussion list. Various seminars are conducted throughout each year. The seminars run for a particular lenght of time and at the end of this time they are collated by a member of the executive committee, or a member is co-opted to conduct the collation. On completion, they are

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September 2010 Seminar

Dear Colleagues, The Executive Committee is pleased to launch the first seminar in the Issues in Jungian Psychology Series with David Tacey’s paper, ‘Toward A New Animism: Jung, Hillman and Analytical Psychology.’  From David some points to consider: The ecological crisis of the contemporary world has urged upon us anew kind of animism, in which

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IAJS Constitution

This constitution came into effect on 1st May 2004. Name of the  Organisation 1. The organisation shall be called the International Association for Jungian Studies – A Forum for Jungian and Post-Jungian Research (hereafter IAJS). 2. Aims and Objectives of the IAJS 2.1. To promote and develop Jungian and Post-Jungian Studies and scholarship on an

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Chiron Publishing

Jungian Resources

On these pages new, and forthcoming titles on Jungian topics. Most are from Chiron Publications, an important publisher specializing in books on analytical psychology inspired by and extending the work of Dr. Carl Jung. These books explore the psychology of religion, mythology, literature, and feminism, some of which are translations of seminal works in Jungian

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IAJS Discussion List Rules

Dear Colleagues, First, let me thank all of you for your excellent contributions to the discussion list. For me, the discussion list represents the ongoing life of the IAJS, keeping us connected with our colleagues and engaged with important issues in Jungian psychology. We on the Executive Committee are always thinking of ways to promote

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Journal Articles

Asia Pacific Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy – Using myths, legends and fairy tales in counselling: Archetypal motifs underlying the mother complex. Mark Greene a Hong Kong Shue Yan University, Counselling and Psychology, Hong Kong, Hong Kong. Online publication date: 13 February 2011  Download the abstract here     Dr. Stephen Diamond is a clinical

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New Books by IAJS Members

A True Note on a Slack String The Poetry of Patrick Kavanagh and the Psychology of Carl Jung: An Imaginal Basis for Personal Change by Réamonn Ó Donnchadha       House: the Wounded Healer on Television (Routledge 2010) Edited by Luke Hockley and Leslie Gardner. Perpetual Adolescence Edited by Sally Porterfield, Keith Polette, Tita

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