Discussion List Rules

Dear Colleagues,

The [TALK] discussion list represents the ongoing life of the IAJS, keeping us connected with our colleagues and engaged with important issues in Jungian psychology.

We on the Executive Committee are always thinking of ways to promote the best qualities of the discussion list, and minimize those which are less constructive. One way in which we do this is through our discussion list rules. We try to keep the rules simple and understandable while bearing in mind the twin goals of promoting constructive discussion without overburdening your e-mail inbox.

With this in mind, earlier this year we changed the rules to limit postings to one per member per day, and we further limited disparaging remarks. The one post per day limitation seems to have been well received. However, many of you continue to express concern about the negative tone of many posts. This concern was discussed among the Executive Committee, at the 2010 conference at Cornell. In light of these discussions, the Executive Committee has voted to modify the discussion list rules to further promote constructive dialogue and minimize disparaging content.

The new discussion list rules are as follows:

1.  All posts must be civil and respectful.   Examples of content which will not be considered civil and respectful: ad hominen attacks, sarcasm, derision, and generalized attacks against groups.
2.  The list is reserved for community discussions.   Personal communications (e.g., “thank you for that post”) should be directed to the individual and not to the entire list.

We thank all of our bright contributors to the discussion list and hope these new rules will promote an atmosphere in which more of our members feel comfortable participating.

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