The Spectre of the “Other” in Jungian Psychology

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The Specter of the “Other” in Jungian Psychology

Centre for the Book, Cape Town, South Africa.

The conference will be held at the Centre for the Book, a unit of the National Library of South Africa, which is located in the center of Cape Town and is encircled by a variety of hotels, gardens, galleries, and museums. Cape Town was the location of the first public speech that focused on the beginning of democratic elections and a new era for South Africa, made by Nelson Mandela on February 11, 1990 after his release from imprisonment during the period of Apartheid. Today, Cape Town is a cosmopolitan city that, like many cities across the world, struggles with growth and prosperity alongside ecological change as well as economic disparities and racial divides.

July 27, 2017 – July 30, 2017

We invite you to participate in a gathering of academics, analysts, students and others interested in exploring a Jungian conceptualization of Otherness, and how such ideas interface with ideas about the Other in broader psychoanalytic and critical theory dialogue.


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