How the MEDIUM is affecting the SELF…

Dear Liz,
Do you make no discimination between VERBAL, and VISUAL, media … through which Images are communicated? There are good studies on this subject, too – hundreds of them – and the differences in their psychological impact, not limited to Jungian or post-Jungian.   I cite the whole work of Marshall McLuhan, “the medium is the message”, for one.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, or what I took Leslie to be talking about, then there’s certainly something amiss. I am dumbstruck.  I do hope someone else can intervene … to find a common medium of understanding between us.

Judith Keystone


Judith’s second reply – to Liz & all:

In continuing bewilderment I’ve read your words again, Liz.  I am by nature, and profession, a somewhat driven communicator. It does matter to me to find the source of our MUTUAL misunderstanding. Here are your words:
“No, there is nothing amiss. I just noticed that when Jean writes, and she has a special gift for this, I see pictures straightaway. It’s like watching a film. Some people write with images in their text, others don’t. I suppose good storytelling unravels in this way as well: in our mind’s eye we see the images in the story. ”

I find this a vivid illustration of what Peter was writing (complaining?) about:  – the inclination of people who are focussed on ‘individuation’, the ‘inner journey’, to find it so compelling that they can miss out on ‘community’. Or, for me, this can be missing out on “communication”.

What is highly interesting here is Liz’s immediate turn inwards, to her own psychological state.  “I see pictures straightaway.”  Liz, are you unable, or perhaps very unwilling, to disciminate between INTERNAL ‘seeing’, and seeing through light on the visual cortex, i.e. the pictorially presented image? Are they not similar, but different?  And again: “It’s like watching a film.”  Yes, but what about the difference when you watch an “actual” film?

There is a fixity on the highly engaging, personal inward gaze.  “I just noticed that”. “I see pictures straightaway”.  If this isn’t recongised, in terms of personal propensity, a vivid imagination, and distinguished from what is actually “out there”, how can one communicate with others?

But further: A failure to discriminate between these different sources of information leaves the person herself unaware of how the MEDIUM is affecting the SELF, the inner core of one’s being. This is to remain unaware of the difference between a Picture, a Word, a Person, an Action Movie, and so forth … provided that you “see pictures straightaway”, i.e. internally.  Are these differences really so immaterial?  (I use the word intentionally.)

I believe this is where our IAJS discussion has failed, so far, to get suficiently to the heart of how “cyber-communication” might create, influence, or impede, true (?) community.

With thanks to all, Liz especially, for enabling me to get this far.
Judith Keystone

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