I do draw the word "convergence" from Pierre Teilhard.

Dear Stephen,

Thank you for your response my paper. Indeed. Like you, I recently had the opportunity of working with Fred Gustafson to write a chapter for his book: Chardin and Jung: Side by Side (Fisher King, 2015). In my chapter I have a chance to tell the story of how I came to Jung and Chardin in my early 20s and how they influenced my adult thinking and feeling, in fact my whole being. At that age I had a passion for politics with little religious or psychological grounding, which left me vulnerable to bouts of depression and inflation, depending on who was winning and losing elections. Given that I’m talking about the late 1970s and 80s, more depression than inflation, especially when my father lost his reelection campaign to the California State Senate in 1978.

I also appreciate your pulling out my emphasis on the need for us to (the Jungian Communities) attend to the conscious formation of groups and I appreciate your reference to John Beebe’s book Integrity in Depth. One of my favorite parts of that book is when John writes about how “We have grown unaccustomed to an integrity that grounds itself in submission”(46). I think this way of thinking opens us to the question of how we would learn to serve a conscious group/organization in the name of our distinct paths of individuation. How this exactly could play itself out is as complex and diverse as anything we’ve yet experienced. And, I think this is where the psychological attitude (Henderson) can serve a larger public purpose than what it has so far been used for, 100 years of psychology and we are beginning to imagine what it could be used for! All of this can be very valuable subject matter within the IAJS community.

Stephen, I believe we live in the same neck of the woods, I am in Petaluma California I think you are in Oakland? See you at Yale!

Warm regards,
Peter Dunlap

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