I like the energy and intention in this paper.

Date: April 19, 2015 at 9:36:40 PM PDT
From: sbherrmann@comcast.net
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Subject: An Experiment in Group Relations

Dear All,

I like the energy and intention in this paper. It has a spirit of collaboration in it that I feel we need as an organization. The use of the term “convergence” in the paper reminds me of Teilhard de Chardin’s usage of the same word to connote a movement towards an Omega Point, a sudden spark leading to a change in global consciousness, and he believed it is bound to happen, sooner or later, in human history. The convergence, I would suggest, is located in the paper’s central emphasis on “returning enough of our attention to the public sphere to create groups that are conscious, that is, capable of having a conscience and acting in the world with increasing moral integrity.” And for this, I think John Beebe’s book Integrity in Depth is our very best resource. The importance of employing what the paper says about stimulating “political energy” (Samuels) through the use of a “psychological attitude” (Henderson) to intervene in order to make change happen for the betterment of society is heartening indeed. I’d like to add, moreover, that I have found it extremely helpful in my personal and professional life to try and stay as mindful as I can of what Murray Stein says in his essay “Organizational Life as a Spiritual Practice” in Psyche at Work―the importance of ritual, meditation, and active imagination. Having a spiritual practice in organizational life, as Murray Stein prescribes for us would, therefore, be salient medicine when cultural complexes are at play. Thank you, Peter, and I look forward to meeting you in person at Yale!

Best Regards,

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