It's a privilege to have a ‘members only’ supper table. Astonishing list of nourishment…

Dear Michael and Liz,

I love this notion – ‘operations’. Wow…it breaths a certain  life energy…

I also love ‘the road is made by walking’…It is foremost in my mind as last night, here in Alberta, we have astounding political news…an up turn of a party that has been in power for 40 years.  I was at the voting station early and knew change was happening…many many young people there. this is news worthy.  For those of you south of the border, and elsewhere, this development was described, by a world seasoned journalist,  as the one revolution he has witnessed that happened without violence. Many of the phrases from Peter’s link and Jean’s ‘letters’ were in my radar screen. Thank you.

I also liked your highlighting the privilege we have of having a ‘members only’ supper table.  Astonishing list of nourishment. Boundaries are necessary for good dining. Much to digest.

And today we have a fresh fall of beautiful light snow…a cooling…and a settling of some moisture into a receptive earth.

thanks for this.
Dr. Evangeline Rand
Registered Psychologist (Canada)

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