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A recent IAJS member asked:

Hello all,

A former student of mine just asked me for bibliography that relates Jung´s ideas about synchronicity with Bion’s theory of thinking. Does anyone in the group know about authors, books, or articles which might be useful to this topic?

Any help is welcome and very much appreciated.

Warm regards,

Gustavo Beck.

An answer was forthcoming from Dr. Mark Winborn, Jungian Psychoanalyst and Clinical Psychologist.

Dear Gustavo,

I recently finished writing a chapter on Jung and Bion for a forthcoming book on the dialogue between Analytical Psychology and contemporary psychoanalysis. At first glance, in some ways it would be difficult to draw a comparison between those two concepts. Jung’s concept of synchronicity is more easily related to Bion in terms of Bion’s concept of “O”. However, Annie Reiner (Reiner, A. (2006). Synchronicity and the Capacity to Think: A Clinical Exploration. J. Anal. Psychol., 51(4):553-573)  does make the link between synchronicity and Bion’s theory of thinking by interpreting synchronicities as an exteriorization of Beta elements (in Bion’s model – non-represented bits of proto-experience). Her paper and bibliography should give your former student a good beginning.

Best Wishes,


Mark Winborn, PhD, NCPsyA

Another member Elizabeth Brodersen, co-chair of the IAJS 202014-2017 suggested this research.

Dear Gustavo,

 Another title which could be useful is:

The Mystery of Analytical Work:

Weavings from Jung and Bion.

by Barbara Stevens Sullivan, 2010, Routledge.


Warm wishes,

Liz Brodersen

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