Perhaps this is evidence of us “Jungians keeping the theory to ourselves”.

Dear Helena, thank you for your voice and leadership in this online seminar.

I agree with you that whole industries are very interested in Jung, not just Jung, but the broader field of Depth Psychology, The Obama administration  recently (early 2016) mandated a complete review of all US government documentation in order to make them more psychologically relevant and meaningful to all users.

The co-author of the book you mention (The Hero and the Outlaw: Building Extraordinary Brands Through the Power of Archetypes), Carol S. Pearson was for a short period the provost at Pacifica Graduate Institute in California. Joe Cambray replaced her. I mention this because it seems that a more “worldly” leader was brought into a rigorous academic Jungian institute and then promptly removed.
Perhaps this is evidence of us “Jungians keeping the theory to ourselves”.
I feel that one of the through lines for the survival of the planet and all the species inhabiting it, including us, is to move towards an overarching, uber awareness and tactical implementation of Depth Psychology into all industries and all fields.

Michael Glock Ph.D. – CEO


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